Art contemporain

OFF CYCLES 1991 à 2013… mixed media

Picasso, pique-assiette (65/50 cm)   1991

Anarchy’s constraints (52/76 cm)   1996

Coca Tantra (34,50/29 cm) 1994

Série de séries  1996

 Is that necessary © Myriam Bornand 2013 

Matière grise.(35/24,9 cm). 2012
Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


E(----)NCE  E(VIDE)NCE  © Myriam Bornand 2014 Neon 80 cm/20 cm

The parentheses empty, to fill, or to leave, as "e(vide)nce.

Evidence, etymologically what we see at once.

They also say the evidence that it blindingly obvious.


I could check in exposing this piece that evidence that we have just in front of us, we do not see it.

I have drawn some obvious reflections ...

Portrait of nobody

This is a portrait of two people posing on a background decoration.
But the faces are hidden by two circles.
Therefore it becomes a portrait people person portrait.


Russian trick
Daylight is reflected in the portrait.
The light from the chandelier is reflected in the portrait.
The portrait is partly lit by the two previous lights but is partly hidden by them.
The light here shows AND hides.