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LEGOS – EQUAL (ONE – ONE ) 1993 1994 COMPLIMENTARY –OPPOSITES Study of the One by the two mixed media 31,3/31,3 cm

The central point is the same for both parts of the circle, the left  right can only  exist  because it has a left side, the top because there is a bottom  etc.

         ice                  ing                    nvers

 V                    Y                      E

         ersa               ang                   ndroit

1 Obscure  - Clear
More of More
Less than Less
More Less
Under Over
But what is more
Plus - Minus
Egal One

2 To See or Not to See (Double-sided)
1st degree  Invisible Absence
                 Visible Presence
2nd degree Invisible See Nothing
                  Be visible To be ,not seen
3rd eye       Visible =  Illusion
                  Invisible = Reality

3  Vice and Versa
High         Low
One          Another
Front      Back
Right       Left
Before   After
Who?        What?

4 Act Duel
Them or me
Position just
Middle Way
Them and me
I j'eux ( game)

5   Sana Sano
But the body too
But the mind too
But, I just motionless
Without goal and  profitless